• Jenny, Sweden

    "I highly recommend Denise as a healer and a medium. She is a gifted and powerful healer with remarkable results on all levels, Denise has also a very soothing and comforting way of delivering messages and insights, with many wise advises.She puts a great effort and attention into her sessions and carefully explains what she experiences. So far, she has been 100% accurate and spot on. She is the 'real deal.' She has helped me tremendously in my personal healing, as well as my family members' and friends'. Her professional follow up after the sessions makes the healing extremely powerful. I'm so grateful that she crossed my path.


    With love and light"

  • Sharon

    "I loved my session with Denise. I could feel the energy on my shoulders and body. She related issues to me that touched me to my core. I instantly resonated with what Denise was telling me and it was clarifying and uplifting!

    I highly recommend Denise!"

  • Linda, Florida

    "I would like to share with you the experience I had with Denise Ramon while she did a healing session on me.
    While the session was going on I saw myself on a flying carpet but it was drifting down a babbling brook. Above I could see the love of Mother Earth in all her splendor.
    There were soft branches draping from both sides. Just above my face I could see birds flying and hear the wildlife in a spring concert of waking to her love.

    I could feel a wonderful vibrating and buzzing in my body and in some places I could sense an adjustment going on; not painful but firm.
    Afterwards we spoke via Skype and she shared with me what she and her team were doing to my body. She picked up that I have a degenerative disc disease, and they gave me suggestions on how to help myself through diet and walking. They also hit dead on some of the things that no longer serve me that I am still carrying within, and assured me it was time to let them go. They felt my sadness, guilt, and anger for that which I am working on and direction on how to let it all go.
    I will say each of you should book a session with this truly talented lady! You will not be disappointed. She takes all the time you need until you understand the messages that are being brought forward for your greatest good. Denise, thank you."

  • Carol, RN, CCM, California

    "I had a session with Denise and I was amazed at the strength of the energy that I felt even though I live a great distance away! Waves and waves of beautiful energy swept over me during our session. Peace within followed. Afterwards she provided a reading and the true beauty of what she is able to do blossomed before me. I was humbled by what she shared with me and it made everything I was going through become crystal clear. There is no doubt in my mind that Denise is able to share wisdom from another realm. I highly recommend a session with her to anyone who wishes to tap into the wisdom of the Universe."

  • Lou, Florida

    I had 2 tragic deaths within a few years of each other. My life was in turmoil when Denise who I had not been in touch with for 30+ years reached out to me.

    She gave me messages from my Mother, Grandmother and my husband that passed.  She told me I gave Eric a special love that only I could have given him.  He will always be with me. 
    Denise also taught me ways to cope with life and things I can do to make my situation better. She led me to a path of healing that I'm eternally grateful for. I am still a work in progress but she did for me what years of counseling couldn't do. 

    I believe we all have questions that we want answers to and these answers can lead to an abundance of healing. 
    Many thanks and much love for sharing your gift.  I look forward to our next session. ♥

  • Kimberly

    The warmth, caring and clarity that Denise provided in our session made it one of the most important experiences I've had since my daughter passed. I felt heard and validated with her deep concern for my issues, and the reading was a turning point in my healing. I'm so very grateful for Denise and the experience, it has made a huge difference in my life

DISCLAIMER: During your Spiritual development you may be given advice by Denise and her team of guides. You are fully responsible for any choices you make. By working with Denise, you agree that she is not a substitute for medical, legal, tax or financial advice from a qualified and licensed professional. Thank you for your understanding.