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The Healing Experience

Relax, breathe, & be open to the healing session.
Prepare by using the restroom & turning off phones.
Quiet the room & your mind; music is beneficial.
During the 1st 20-30min, Denise & her team connect to your energy & receive messages.
Afterwards, contact Denise to ask questions & receive advice.
Have questions ready & be open to the healing; designed for your soul's higher good.


*** It is suggested that prior to your session, you jot down any questions you may have. ***

The Mentoring Experience

Denise is now offering, and has spaces available for mentorship sessions! What are Mentorship sessions, and who are they good for? If you are looking to expand your Consciousness, and get into alignment with your higher self..... If you are ready to explore, and remove blocks.


Anything that holds you back from your purpose, and being the greatest version of yourself...This is for YOU! Denise offers 4, one-on-one sessions for mentorship.


This will allow you to have personalized spiritual Coaching, centered around your Divine needs. By taking advantage of the Mentorship program with Denise, you will also receive a special rate of $400.00 for the package!


This gives you a total of $100.00 in savings! Denise, with her team in Spirit, will direct your sessions to help you tap into the very best version of yourself, launching you into living life with more peace, fulfillment, and purpose. Truly creating the reality you desire, and deserve!


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