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During your healing session, it's best that you are relaxed. Some clients prefer to lie down but you may sit if you like. Make sure you have gone to the restroom and all phones are turned off.

You do not want to be interrupted during this experience. 

The quieter the room (and your mind), the better. However, gentle serene music is certainly a plus! 


Remember to breathe. This session is about YOU, so put all other thoughts out of your mind and connect to your inner essence. Breathing or repeating a mantra often works best for maintaining focus. 


During the first 20-30 minutes, Denise and her team will be connecting to your energy field. Spirit knows what you need, and the vital forces will flow through them to create a healing atmosphere. 

You may feel sensations, warmth, and vibrations. Each person is different, as each person's needs varies. 


During this time, Denise also receives Divine messages. Often they are from passed loved ones. We can never predict who will come through or what will be heard. Again, it is what Source feels you are ready for! 


After the healing, you are responsible to contact Denise via Skype or phone. She will then spend the remaining time sharing her messages and answering any of your questions.


Remember these sessions are designed specifically for YOU and your soul's higher good. The advice and wisdom you will receive will only enhance your life! 


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*** It is suggested that prior to your session, you jot down any questions you may have. ***



Denise is now offering, and has spaces available for mentorship sessions!


What are Mentorship sessions, and who are they good for?

If you are looking to expand your Conciousness, and get into alignment with your higher self.....

If you are ready to explore, and remove blocks . Anything that holds you back from your purpose, and being the greatest version of yourself...This is for YOU!


Denise offers 4, one-on-one sessions for mentorship. This will allow you to have personalized spiritual Coaching, centered around your Divine needs.


By taking advantage of the Mentorship program with Denise, you will also recieve a special rate of $400.00 for the package! This gives you a total of 100.00 in savings! Denise, with her team in Spirit, will direct your sessions to help you tap into the very best version of yourself, launching you into living life with more peace, fulfillment and purpose. Truly creating the reality you desire, and deserve!


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